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Basic Judo Combinations

Here are 5 Judo combinations that will get you better. Included in this video download is 5 of Matt's favourite combinations including:

~ Ouchi gari into Ipppn Seoi Nage

~ Osoto gari into Ouchi gari

~ Sasae Tsuri komi ashi into Osoto gari

~ Ko soto gari into Osoto gari

~ Uchimata into Kouchi gari

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3 Juji gatame arm releases

This download includes the 3 best ways to release the arm when attacking with juji gatame. After knowing these arm releases you will never waste a great finishing opportunity ever again - and your partners will hate you for it.

Worth $27

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Daily food journal

A daily food journal is a great way to achieve your nutrition goals by recording everything you consume on a daily basis. If you are looking at moving up or down a weight division or you just want to stay healthy, this journal will help keep track of your daily food habits.

Worth $17

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Beginners Guide to Judo DVD - Tachiwaza

This video download is loaded with in depth instructional videos of a variety of Judo techniques. This video contains: Judo Basics including how to fold you gi, tie your belt and grip your opponent. Matt also looks at an outline a great Osoto Gari instructional on how to do this basic technique properly and effectively

This bonus also includes a great overview of Deashi barai, ippon seoi nage as well as multiple attacks in newaza.

Worth $27

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Beginners Guide to Judo DVD - Newaza

Three of the four ways to win in Judo are in Newaza. This video includes in depth looks at popular holds like kesa gatame, tate shiho gatame and mune gatame Matt also teaches you his favoruite submissions including a lighting fast ude gatame from guard and a smooth juji gatame roll.

Worth $27

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Sankaku Jime Options

Sankaku Jime is one of the most popular submissions in competition Judo. In this DVD download Matt outlines 4 Sanaku jime options that you can use when your opponent is either in turtle or face down.

This is a must DVD for any competition Judoka

Worth $17


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